Tina + Alex/Engagement Session/ Curvin's Country Acres

As the new year approaches, I feel like change is good. I like to start the new year with new, exciting things for my business. February makes four years into this amazing journey of the photography world I have gravitated into. Blogging has most definitely not been at the top of my list, because I feel like I'm not good with words on a computer, I like to express them out loud, but as I have hit almost 2,000 followers on Facebook ( I still can't believe it), I think it's time to allow all of you into a little more of my life than just the images I post. 

So, I said all of that to say this...here is my first blog! haha

I couldn't think of any better way to start it than with a preview of an engagement session I did in a cute wedding venue in Delta, Alabama, with one of my best high school friends and her fiancé, Alex. We decided to use the venue as the location for the engagement session and I am so glad we did! Of course, everything was dead. But we made it work!

I have known Tina since middle school, way back in 2007! Makes me feel old y'all, lol. Anyways, we went all throughout school together and I can say Tina is a special person. There really is no one like her, and I know she is happy to say that! She would always do anything anyone asked her and never thought twice about it! When she asked me to photograph her wedding, there were no other words than "Um YES!"

Now, I had to get a little insight on Alex because this was my first time meeting him. I did already know what his profession is (you'll get to see something neat in our preview which included a few items from his work), but other than that I didn't know much. So, I did a little digging. Tina and Alex met on Iron Bowl weekend, most of y'all know thats another holiday here in the South, and a mutual friend tried to hook them up by bringing Alex to Tina's house. I don't think she was very happy about a stranger in her house, but she told all of her friends she would marry him someday...and here they are! The wedding is in April, and I can't wait to share their day with them!!