So long 2017!

I really can't believe it is the first day of 2018! Years seem to go by faster and faster as I get older. I've always heard the term "time flies", but it didn't hit me how true it was until after I had my first child! Days are long but years are fast and sometimes my heart can't handle that.


I love to look back and remember special moments I have had with family and friends, but I also am a firm believer the best is yet to come. I am already looking forward to warmer weather and what adventures we will take then!

Anyways, my main reason for writing this post today is to pour out my heart to all my loving clients. I can't believe how far I have came and grown in the past year. Every time I shot a wedding or family session, I learned and learning is GOOD! I couldn't ask for everyone to have been more patient with me. Having two small children like I do, time to myself has become very slim. My brain is constantly in motion of what I want to do next, but I can't execute at the time because I'm either feeding two hungry girls, or giving baths, or grocery shopping, etc. They are my priority and even though I long somedays for the time to sit with a cup of coffee and talk "adult" things to someone who can reach the counter, I know my number one calling is to be these girls' mama. So, for every one I am thankful you have endured some times with me that were hard! I may have lost a few clients this year, and even though it does hurt, I am looking forward to all the N E W faces I'll meet in 2018!

Living in a small area it's easy to get caught up in settling, but I want to go further than Randolph County. My dream is to travel, shoot a wedding miles and miles away from home. We are blessed with seeing my husband frequently because of his job (teacher), so traveling with them would be even better! My goal this year is to get my name out there and work hard to become that much better of a photographer, don't be like the next and stand out!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years, and I can't wait to see all of you soon!